Narcissus Arts offers a unique service to private individuals looking to buy a work of art, or perhaps start building a collection, but who are generally not wanting to spend more than £10,000.

Since 2010 we have found that the majority of our clients;

A)   Are not aware of the huge range of work accessible to them.

B)   Do not know where to go to find the artwork they are looking for.

C)   Do not have the time to properly research the market before buying.

We understand and sympathise that the art world can be intimidating and confusing and so we know that it is our job to sift through the noise and find the work that is perfect for you. The art world is full of amazing opportunities to buy good, original, interesting work that is still affordable but you just need to know where to look.

Our aim is to find artworks of quality, that suit our clients’ desires and interests but that also fit in with their sometimes limited budget. If you have something specific in mind, or would like to know what work has recently caught our eye then please get in touch.

Under £1,000 Under £10,000

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