It is commonly known that some of the most impressive and significant contemporary art collections in the world belong to corporate companies.

There is no doubt that companies can benefit from having art works on their walls and these organisations, big or small, are often well equipped to potentially build a great collection.

Over the years, our knowledge and expertise of the lower end of the market has also proved attractive to companies, particularly when moving into new offices and looking to put art on their walls. With our philosophy that ‘no budget is too small’ we have been able to demonstrate that a modest outlay is no barrier to building an outstanding art collection for our corporate clients.

Not only will we source and acquire works that will fit any budget, space and style to reflect your corporate identity but we will also take care of smaller but just as important issues such as framing, conservation and cataloguing — all of which are key to maintaining a significant art collection.

We offer a unique service to individuals looking to buy a work of art under £10,000.

We understand and sympathise that the art world can be intimidating and confusing; so our job is to bring some clarity to the table by sifting through the noise and finding the work that is perfect for you.

The art world is full of amazing opportunities to buy good, original, interesting work that is still affordable; you just need to know where to look.

If you are thinking of starting a collection, or simply need help maintaining the one you already have, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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We offer our specialist services to both private and corporate clients. Please select one of the options below for more information.

Narcissus Arts opens up the art world to a new generation of collector. By focusing solely on pieces below £10,000, we bring a wealth of knowledge and experience in more affordable art for private and commercial clients.

Narcissus Arts was founded by Nicholas Campbell in 2010 after gaining significant experience in the Contemporary Art World, in high-end galleries such as Emmanuel Perrotin, Haunch of Venison, Victoria Miro, White Cube and Christies in New York.

Nick has featured in editorial pieces for publications such as The New York Times, Vanity Fair and the BBC amongst others. He was also chosen as the UK’s best art consultant under 35 by Spears Magazine in 2014.

Nick also sits on the committee for Outset Young Production Fund and has also become a member of the ‘New 100 Club’, which is a collection of the top 100 young art collectors worldwide.

Acquired for a Corporate Client, Chelsea (2013)
Michael Craig Martin - Chair (2013)
Acquired for a Private Client, Lancaster Gate (2015)
Harland Miller - This is Where It's Fucking At (2012)
Acquired for a Private Client, Notting Hill (2013)
John Houck - Untitled (2013)
Acquired for a Corporate Collection (2015)
A collection of prints, sculptures and photographs.
Acquired for a Corporate Collection, Westminster (2014)
A collection of paintings and sculptures.
Acquired for Private Client, Belgravia
Bridget Riley - Composition with Circles (2001)